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How does Personal Branding help?


Your personal brand is essentially the reputation you have when people discuss you in your absence. It holds immense significance because it can either propel your career forward or hinder its progress.

First and foremost, personal branding is a means to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive world. In an environment where many individuals possess similar qualifications and credentials, employers seek candidates who offer something distinct. By crafting a strong personal brand, you can become the memorable and standout choice in their eyes.

Furthermore, personal branding has the potential to boost your earning potential. When you've cultivated a compelling personal brand, you position yourself as a valuable asset in your field. This perception can lead to employers or clients being willing to pay a premium for your skills and expertise, ultimately allowing you to command a higher salary or fees for your services.

Personal branding is a two-edged sword that can either elevate your legacy or bring down your business. A prime example of this is Adam Neumann, whose personal brand casts a dark shadow over WeWork, potentially impacting its reputation for years to come. Conversely, consider Henry Ford, whose enduring personal brand continues to drive Ford Motor Company's mission, even decades after his passing.

When you embark on a business venture, your personal brand becomes intertwined with your company's fate. Typically, they both rise or fall together. However, it's essential to recognize that building a business doesn't automatically equate to building your personal brand.

Why is it that you're familiar with John Legere, the former T-Mobile CEO, but not so much with John Stankey, the AT&T CEO? The answer lies in personal branding.

It's crucial to remember that everyone possesses a personal brand, whether it's positive or negative, robust or feeble, courageous or timid. You may not have control over whether you have a personal brand, but you certainly have a say in how it evolves and develops over time.


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